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Consciousness work with the world
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Consciousness work with the world
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Flying Squad summer retreat camp

The Flying Squad holds a retreat camp each summer, generally at the end of July but this year in August, to work spiritually with human and global situations, supporting positive forward movement for the planet and for all life.

It is for people who are members of the group, or who have been flying alongside, or for people who are interested in participating in the process and trying out what we do and the way we do it.

It's a 'work camp', and that's our focus, but we have a good time too, and this kind of camp might be a very special experience for folks who feel right for it.

When? Sunday 13th - Saturday 19th August 2017
Where? Somerset, UK.  
You're told the precise location later.

Cost? £70 per person plus £25 per person for food.
These are estimates and, if they are exceeded (usually they aren't), we have a small whip-round to cover all costs.

It isn't an open camp where you can just roll up: attendance is possible after discussion or invitation, and get in touch if you're interested by e-mailing us. We'll then arrange a Skype or telephone call so that everything is clarified. It's important to come for the whole week.

What happens at the camp

We open the day around 10am with a meditation of about half an hour. Then we share reflections in the circle while using a talking stick. Themes and forms of the work arise from this process, which gives shape to the rest of the day.

All the work is focused through healing or transformational intent to create the possibility of change in intransigent world situations, for the highest good of all beings.

We work for the whole day, with breaks, often with the evening free, though sometimes working in the evening too - depending how things are evolving at the time. More details about what we do can be seen by reading though 'The Work' section on this site.

We work at the etheric level with the 'heart of the world' and the collective psyche, supporting the highest intention of human consciousness. We seek to bring human activity into a better balance with itself, with the planet as a whole and with the wider universe.

Our intention is to support the best outcome in any given situation, without attachment to the form that outcome should take - we're seeking to encourage 'forwardness', progress, resolution and healing rather than specific, preferred outcomes. Our main aim is to help humanity learn from its experiences and become aware of deeper and wider issues so that the future unfolds in a more wholesome way.

The work arises in the moment and may take a number of forms. For example, embodiment and acting out of aspects of a situation, engaging in symbolic healing processes, doing visualisation, meditation, remote viewing, channelling, deep discussion and other things.

In the evening we eat together and sit by the fire as night comes on. Our fellowship as a group is important.

Opening circle:  Sunday 13th August 2017 at 6pm.
Closing circle:  Saturday 19th August 2017 at 10.30am.

Please come for the whole time between these dates and stay on site. We hand in our mobile phones for the week (it's digital holidaytime) - there will be an emergency number to ring if absolutely necessary. This helps to build a strong and focused working energy in which magic can happen.

Facilities: two compost loos, a wood-fired hot shower and water-point. Firewood is provided. Please bring your own camping gear and bits - if this is a problem, let us know in good time.

Food and cooking: we will be catering as a group - we take it in turns. The food charge given above is thus a kitty contribution. Please bring your own breakfast, favourite snacks and food for special dietary needs, and we'll share lunch and dinner. Shared meals are vegetarian. One person from the camp sometimes does a top-up shopping trip mid-week, for everyone.

We don't cater for children, and they would be bored stiff by it anyway! In a sense it's a journey on a spacecraft or it's an island retreat, and we're thoroughly away for a week, not in the world. We're incommunicado for the duration of the camp. For some people, this could be very special.

Attending the camp does not bind you to greater involvement in our group activities, though the camp can be valuable for people who otherwise don't have the time or circumstance to be fully involved with the group. If you wish to join us in the longterm, this is a good place to start.

To find out more about the camp, contact Palden on 01736 785967 (+44-1736 785967) or e-mail Palden

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