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Consciousness work with the world
also known as the Earthlinks Circle
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The Flying Squad | About our philosophy

This work starts with what is, not with how we'd like things to be, or how we think they ought to be.

We do not 'pray for peace' or for specific preferred outcomes. We seek not to make judgements about what is the best way forward and or the right way to do things. We seek to help humanity learn from its situation so that the ills of our world are resolved by humanity's own choice and doing.

Graffiti in Athens, Greece

Our main aim is to uncover and release obstructions and untruths, and also to mitigate painful extremes of mass human experience. We encourage 'forwardness' on an energy or etheric level, since stuckness lies at the heart of the world's problems. We trust that, deep down, humanity knows the way forward if it could but unlock more of its potential. This involves trusting ourselves to create tracks that humanity may follow - specifically those people in crucial front-line situations where key human issues are frequently worked out.

People and situations in the forefront of human evolution at any moment are the ones whose experiences and actions determine a lot for everyone and everything else. Often this is connected with crises, defining events or the activities of key decision-makers, and sometimes it wells up within humanity's heart. Thus, coming into a resonant inner interaction with the essence of current times and with the threads and principles at work in any world situation can help resolve problems, encourage and ease progress.

Often this is connected with working with the inner components of humanity's beliefs, memes, delusions, cultural perceptions and mass-psychological states. Thus working with specific instances and themes in the world arena, and investigating what lies behind and underneath them, aids general world progress - so we believe. These need to be carefully chosen for the catalytic effect they can have.

The Oppressed, an art installation at the UN, Geneva
Thus, for example, the belief that Muslims or Jews, Russians or Americans, or anyone anywhere, are in some way bad or undesirable, is a belief that blocks progress toward appreciating that humanity is one planetary race, sharing one home, and that we're in this together.

The belief that it is okay to pollute and that the pollution we ourselves create makes little difference is a mindset that, when multiplied by billions, makes us defile our planetary home, undermining future generations' possibilities.

So our work involves an inward bringing-to-awareness in the world psyche of the broader and deeper options and issues that lie behind the global situations of our day, to help humanity learn the lessons of history and make good choices for the future, bringing the greatest benefit to all.

Working with the key nodes of human preoccupation helps unlock change-processes that, we hope, help humanity's progress. It also complements the good work done by other people of goodwill, both spiritual and practical, who help humanity and the world in their own ways.

We have chosen to work quite specifically in particular arenas to aid humanity as a whole. To use a medical analogy, a cancer might appear in one part of the body, though it is caused by the overall condition of the whole body and psyche of the individual, and it affects the whole body-psyche too. So operating on specific issues can help humanity and the world in a much wider context.  Over time, we have covered a wide range of themes, issues and events.

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The Flying Squad

Flying Squad

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