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also known as the Earthlinks Circle
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How it started

The group takes its original inspiration from the Hundredth Monkey Camps (M100) which took place in the UK in the mid-1990s.

These were themselves rooted in consciousness-raising camps started in the 1980s, in the work and ideas of the Council of Nine and in knowledge gleaned in healing circles, events and experiences from the late 1960s onwards.

The M100 camps sought to build a change in human consciousness and an understanding of its capacity to affect anything it pays attention to, when operating in alignment with universal laws and patterns of existence.

These camps ran for a period of three years, at the end of which there was a deepened understanding of the creational power of collective and intentional commitment to change. We found that this, along with the power of focused meditative practice, can effect fundamental transformation on a world scale.

A number of the participants in these powerful and transformational camps were inspired to continue the work and processes explored there, actively engaging in the responsible development of human consciousness and contributing to world healing.

The Flying Squad was formed in 1997 with a decision to make a 100% commitment to meditate at the same time every week, and it has continued consistently since then up to the present day.

In the group we have a wide variety of skills and experience in our work and private lives. It's important to have variegated backgrounds and beliefs.

Over time, some individuals have left the group, some have later returned, one has died, and new members have joined. This has happened gradually, each individual contributing years of input to the group.

Two interesting anecdotes. There have been a few occasions when a group member has lost track of the day of the week, forgetting the meditation. Yet, when our Sunday meditation slot comes close, it's not uncommon to feel 'a bit funny', unconsciously finding ourselves in an altered state, only to realise that it's meditation time!

The 'frequency' for our weekly meditation is open for half an hour and, during the meditation, we sometimes lose track of time. Nevertheless, when the end of the meditation time-slot comes along, there can be a distinct shutting off of the 'frequency' with a tangible change of feeling. This is rather humbling, a constant reminder that we are working with something bigger than ourselves.

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The Flying Squad

Flying Squad

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