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Consciousness work with the world
also known as the Earthlinks Circle
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What We Do

We work to help humanity fulfil its greatest potential, for the greatest good.

When we hold our meditations and meetings
we work with specific areas of disturbance in the world, and on varying levels. We feel our way forward. The methods we use are not set in stone - sometimes we draw on methods evolved earlier, and sometimes we innovate and act spontaneously.

At meetings we come into session with no preconceived ideas. Once we have opened the circle, we sit together in silence, meditate and then use a talking-stick to air the issues until a thread or pathway appears that we then may follow. It's an unfolding process where discussion moves us into a deeper level of relating and understanding, sometimes yielding profound insights. This aids the exploratory process.

We seek to uncover unhelpful patterns of collective behaviour and belief, to heal the hurts of cultures and nations, to expose negative influences of control and to release binding and blocking energies that obstruct humanity’s progress.

We work to expose imbalances in the world and then to bring harmful and wholesome energies into greater balance. These are times of intense change with much division, insecurity and brutality, and balance helps societies change in healthier ways. When balance is sufficiently restored, humanity's self-correcting and self-healing power comes into play, and conflict and extremes of hardship can be avoided or reduced in impact.

This is the intention of our meditations and meetings.


Circle members make an absolute commitment to meditate for half an hour at the same time (7- 7.30pm GMT, 8-8.30pm BST in summertime) every Sunday evening. (In other words, we meditate at the same time throughout the year in terms of nature and the cosmos - it's just that human clocks change.) This meditation together is important, since consistency of configuration of the group is necessary in this kind of teamwork.

There are possibilities also to 'fly alongside' - to participate in some but not all Flying Squad activities.

The theme for the week is circulated beforehand by our ‘theme-catchers’ - two members of the group who undertake to identify themes over an agreed period of time. This duty circulates round the group.

After every Sunday meditation, within 48 hours we e-mail a synopsis of our meditation to the current record-keeper and to the rest of the group. These are then compiled by the record-keeper and circulated to all members on a monthly basis.


Our group commits to meeting up four times a year - three long weekends and one week-long summer retreat camp. Here we use meditation, circle-working and other methods to uncover and process whatever focus comes up at the time. In a sense we seek to distil the nature of the times at that moment and work with its inner components.

Meeting together takes the work into a different dimension, and it helps us develop our psycho-spiritual practices and methods. It deepens our interpersonal connections, often creating a sense of group direction and consensus for the coming period.

In summer we join together for a 6-7 day camping retreat. This is a quiet, non-public, inexpensive retreat camp, during which we usually work all day in two main sessions, and the evening is informal. We're disciplined with this, though organic with it too. We cook, eat and take breaks together around a campfire. This process is intensive yet magical. More details about the camp here.

We have made a promise to stay with the process longterm, as a team and as individuals. This 100% commitment gives a momentum and cohesion that opens up possibilities not present in a more come-and-go or 'open' group. The weekly meditations, the meetings and the camp are powerful and meaningful to be part of, bringing their own inner rewards.

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