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Consciousness work with the world
also known as the Earthlinks Circle
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About the meditation we do

Flying Squad meditations hold a world-healing theme as their primary focus.

Themes are drawn from specific issues and the places where critical world issues are manifest, or from which they can be influenced. Somewhere like Gaza is a nexus for conflict, or the Arctic is currently changing ecologically and climatically, and these issues have their local causes, yet they are world issues too. We all variously have a stake in causing them and also in the outcomes arising from them.

Themes are non-judgmental, non-directive and intended for the highest good of all. Within this context, the themes we work with mainly address:

Gandhi statue, Geneva

  • Stuck situations ~ intransigent political situations persisting for years without resolution or breakthrough;

  • Crises and threats ~ flare-ups, wars, cruelty and violations, as well as natural disasters;

  • Humanity‚Äôs relationship with the planet and natural world ~ deforestation, climate-change, war damage, epidemics...

  • Microcosm / macrocosm ~ using ourselves as an expression of deeper patterning and human potential, through engaging with our own feelings, fears and experiences and connecting them up more widely to the world situation;

  • Underlying patterns and archetypes ~ healing energetic conditions and disturbances within humankind's psyche or the heart of nature and the world.

Participants can use any silent meditation method that they wish while working with the theme, and monitoring what arises. We all come from different backgrounds, using a variety of practices.

Through remaining open, receptive and non-judgmental, insights into the complexities of any situation can be gained. In inner communication and communion with individuals, groupings or forces in a region, new possibilities, empathy and openness can be brought into the situation.

When insights are shared in the group, a remarkably broad, insightful and cohesive picture of the situation often emerges, together with creative leads that help resolve the situation.

At our meetings or camps, these are then worked with, sometimes meditatively, sometimes acted out and sometimes through deep intuitive discussion, until we reach a clear feeling of resolution. When such resolution happens, you feel it - the whole mood and atmosphere changes.

This then establishes a pathway, a precedent or pattern of resolution that is available to the collective psyche of the world to draw on.

This sounds amazing, perhaps, though it requires a lot of sitting, focus, patience, thought, perseverance and intuitive connection, sometimes tackling blockage and torpor too. Even the tea-breaks and evenings around the fire are a significant part of the process.

During meetings and camps we do meditations as part of the mix, yet it's one long process involving various elements, starting at the beginning and finishing at the end. It's a journey, at times with significant unknowns.

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Flying Squad

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