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About circle-working

The main structure for working together when we meet is the talking-stick circle.

The simple guidelines given below maintain a flow of energy and mindfulness, endowing equal status to all participants and allowing the management of feelings and opinions. All of these are vital for a fruitful co-creative process.

Circle-working is a powerful tool for creativity, problem-solving and conflict resolution. The process involves a profound listening and understanding of others and the essence of a situation. It is a ‘living meditation’ which ultimately begins to have magical impacts, as our understanding of how things work broadens and deepens. It involves stretching beyond our own personal viewpoints and positions.

Basic method

  • Participants sit in a circle;

  • The talking-stick is placed in the middle of the circle;

  • After opening the circle, often by holding hands for a few minutes, the group meditates for 20-30 minutes on the theme of the day, if there is one - otherwise, it's open;

  • Once the meditation is complete, the first person moved to speak picks up the talking-stick and speaks;

  • All others listen attentively to what is being said, respecting the speaker’s truth. This person might be voicing things that represent something bigger than their own personal perception;

  • When the person has finished, the stick is passed to the person on the left or right, who then takes their turn. The first person to speak chooses the direction of travel of the stick;

  • The talking-stick continues round the circle in the direction in which it started, and each person in turn has the opportunity to contribute, with no interference from others, and being given complete attention. The stick cannot be passed to anyone other than the next neighbour in the direction of travel;

  • The process continues until the stick has gone round the circle once or several times, or until the process is agreed to be complete by everyone present.

In our meetings, meditation and use of the talking stick are generally followed by further focused psycho-imaginal practices working with the themes and issues that arise.

These are devised by the group in the flow of the process and with insights that arise within the altered space of the moment. At such times we are connected with our higher selves, the overlighting spirit of the group and with our 'inner helpers'.

More details about these are given in The Book of Possibilities, a book written by the group as a whole.

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