Flying Squad

Flying Squad

Consciousness work with the world
also known as the Earthlinks Circle
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Hello, and thank you for visiting.

We are a psycho-spiritual group, doing inner process work to help the world move forward in a positive way. We live in different parts of Britain.

We have a regular weekly meditation link-up, which we carry out wherever each of us is located at the time. We have three weekend meet-ups each year and a week-long summer camping retreat. We started in 1997 and we're still at it.

We carry out process- and consciousness-work, engaging with current events and world trends. Sometimes we go into specific events - perhaps a disaster, war or defining moment. Sometimes we examine underlying issues and 'megatrends' such as ethnic and national identity, climate change, refugees, governance, international relations or the atmosphere of the times.

We look into the underlying threads, history, influences and symbolism pervading world situations. Events might be localised, but they affect, involve or are caused by all of humanity, symbolically or literally. Then we relate this to our own life-issues and experiences, bringing together the global and the personal. We find this to be revealing and meaningful.

The circle acts in a spirit of service, goodwill, understanding and reconciliation,
for the greatest benefit of all beings, without prejudice or judgement, and for the greatest good. That's not easy, and we've learned lessons along the way, but that's our clear intention.

This work is voluntary, unpaid, minimally organised and driven equally by all full members of the circle. We keep things simple and manageable, and that has helped us keep going. Since 1997 we've meditated together every single week and have had many group meetings, having had remarkable experiences doing so.

Latest news (April 2018): we have put the Flying Squad into suspension for up to a year.

Natural attrition caused us to lose members, and insufficient people were able or willing to replace them. The three of us left did not want to run courses or act as teachers/leaders - we sought a circle of equals.

So after 20 years we've suspended operations. We'll review the situation by March 2019.

The Book of Possibilities
tells the full story - it's a
handbook for this kind of work
- more about it here

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The Flying Squad

Flying Squad

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